General Tesler

General Tesler is apart of Clu's Army and keeps control in order in Argon City. He has been featured many times different scenes with Beck. General Tesler's command gives him control of an entire army of black guards and sentries, but, he does also have control of his ace fighter named Paige. But he does also have another program under his command, by the name of Pavol. Both are loyal to him. General Tesler's way of running Argon is by fear and ruthlessness. General Tesler's appearance to the public, however, is a kind and benevolent leader     
Role: General of The GRID & Argon City
Lives In Argon City
Rules all programs in the GRID

Attitude: Known for being hostile towards any program or soldier that goes against his orders.

Has also threatened some of his soldiers before like, Paige.

He has been wanting to punish Beck(The Renegade) for starting the revolution or uprising in the GRID.

who wishes only for order and peace in Argon. He hasn't been shown to care for the lives of any programs whether they are residents of Argon or even his own soldiers though he is more often killing his own soldiers if they fail or question him). General Tesler seems to have some power possessed by no other programs. This ability is to derez a program and also to stretch it amazing distances to do so. He has, on occasion, fought with Beck directly and held his ground yet un-able to gain any. He received upgrades in the episode "grounded" where he was now able to generate an extremely powerful weapon. Over all, General Tesler is possibly on of the most dangerous programs existing on the grid and best avoided if possible.